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New Zealand Artificial Limb Service

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The New Zealand Artificial Limb Service (NZALS) is a Crown entity and a national provider to New Zealand amputees. Read more

Amputee info


This section has practical and helpful information for amputees, dealing with various aspects of the process and life after surgery. Read more

Amputee services


If you're wondering what services our Limb Centres provide, have a look round this section. Read more



The NZALS has established a small research fund to promote new research into issues that will benefit amputees. Read more



There are many questions around the time of amputation and during rehabilitation, this section may help you find an answer. Read more



Use the Resources section to find all sorts of information from downloadable posters and pamphlets to annual publications. Read more

Regional clinics

Our Limb Centres run clinics in a number of provincial centres.
Dates and venues of clinics


Maximum quality of living, independence and participation in the life of your community

The New Zealand Artificial Limb Service is a Crown Entity (government organisation) that helps meet the rehabilitation needs of New Zealand amputees.

The New Zealand Artificial Limb Service is the national provider of artificial limbs in New Zealand.

For New Zealand citizens and legal residents, the service is generally free of charge.

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  • Claudia Teague rock climbing
  • Debbi Hume visiting Hamilton Limb Centre
  • Clare Dutton on her wedding day
  • Blair "Stumpy" Marriott
  • Mark Mitchell at the National Bowls Championships
  • Jack Pascoe
  • Jessie Healy visiting Hamilton Limb Centre

Our stories


Claudia Teague's story

School student Claudia Teague lost a leg and foot due to complications from swine flu, now she has bounced back into her active, sporty life.
Read more


Jim Bentley's story

Jim Bentley lost his right leg over 18 years ago. This didn't set this very active person back, and he continued to play golf, bowls and do a busy, physical job. Read more


Maggie and Ivo - parents

Born with neurofibromatosis, Maggie and Ivo's son Glen had a bent right lower leg. As he grew, his leg became more bent, and at 17 amputation became the only option. Read more

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Limb Centres

Auckland Limb Centre:
Freephone 0508 630 630

Hamilton Limb Centre:
Freephone 0508 838 838

Wellington Limb Centre:
Freephone 0508 389 389

Christchurch Limb Centre:
Freephone 0508 383 383

Dunedin Limb Centre:
Freephone 0508 474 474